• Assessment on regulatory and legal development in waste.
  • Design of processes for the integral management of waste.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Evaluation of the waste characterization and the predictable recovery ratios. Predicted mass flow analysis.
  • Comprehensive consulting for urban waste management projects. Project management.
  • Support in the search for financing and consolidation of consortiums and UTEs.
  • Evaluation of regulations and / or waste management plan and adaptation to recovery processes.
  • Support in preparation of public tenders. Analysis and evaluation of the specifications.
  • Physical chemical analysis of eco-fuel and its adaptation to regulations.
  • Comprehensive management of the facilities for each project.
  • Training plans and training of the personnel assigned to the facilities.
  • Marketing plans for the products obtained. Market studies. Sales management.
  • Co Participation if needed, in consortia and UTEs.
  • Plant engineering projects.
  • Execution projects.
  • Construction management and execution of industrial recycling projects.
  • Engineering coordination in the execution phase of the project.
  • Turnkey projects.
  • Projects of Eco refinery of plastics: Catalytic Cracking, Hydrotreating and Refining.
  • Projects of organic waste & biological treatment.