Biogas Plant

The Biogas facility is designed specifically to treat the organic fraction of municipal waste. It is based on static modular digesters

Through a percolation system, biogas is obtained through anaerobic fermentation, without the need of wet solutions- which reduces installation – and avoids wet plant problems for this type of waste

The daily loads in batches, simplifies the operation and prevents bad odours.

The modular design of the digesters allows the traceability of organic waste, and the selective treatment between selected waste and the waste from all in one mixed bags.

This process permits us to produce compost and bio stabilized material in a simultaneous way.

Biogas can be used to generate electric and thermal power for the waste treatment complex, or after the adequation process, it can be used as eco fuel.

Planta de Biogás - EcoSoluciones
Planta de Biogás - EcoSoluciones