Pyrolysis Plant

One of the main problems that any waste treatment facility faces, is that of those materials that cannot be treated or recycled.

A big part of this waste is composed of textile, small plastic remains, non-treatable cellulose, lignocellulose materials, and even sanitary and hospital waste.

Once dried and crushed, this refuse and non-valuable waste is converted into a high caloric power fuel.

In our pyrolysis facilities, in total absence of oxygen and with centrifugation systems and closed circuit catalytic cleaning, we produce clean biofuels–gas free and bio-oil pyrolysis- with which electric and thermal energy is generated, to supply the whole treatment complex with renewable energy.

The surplus energy is exported to the electrical grid as renewable energy and is an energetic balance that reduces greenhouse gasses and provides carbon credits.

Pyrolysis Plant .- EcoSoluciones
Pyrolysis Plant .- EcoSoluciones