Small solutions to big problems

The plastic transformer mini-plant comes in a 20ft sized Plug&Play concept container.

This solution allows to treat 1,000Kg of residual plastic, which generates between 1,400 to 1,6000 kW daily.

This solution is intended for plastic recyclers, producers, etc. Who generates plastic waste and do not have the posible to recycle this waste.

This solutions helps transform costs that were initially for transport of the waste till the landfill and tiping fees into ECO fuel and savings in electricity costs.

In the rural areas of some developing countries, there is a great electric instability and also shortage in some cases. At the same time large amounts of plastic waste are generated, which are simply  dumped as garbage.

The container installation will offer electric power stability to small and sometimes remote communities, facilitating their social and economic development, improving their life-conditions.

Aside, it avoids sending any plastics to landfill sites thus improving environmental conditions.

Mini Plants - EcoSoluciones
Mini Plants - EcoSoluciones