ECOSOLUCIONES VERTEDERO CERO offers solutions for management and valorisation of urban municipal waste.

With Zero landfill and Circular Economy as our primary objectives, we integrate different industrial processes that help transform waste into valuable resources. At the same time, we look to achieve social & environmental objectives which are important to any region of the world where our projects can be executed.

Municipal waste consists of different types of non-hazardous waste. Some of this waste can be recycled and a big portion of this waste is sent to landfills.

Our objective is to convert most of this waste into different forms of energy and conversion to the state of valuable raw materials, increasing its value to international market prices. In some cases, these raw materials help create new industries and reduce imports apart from job creation.

We offer a variety of solutions and services that are all related to waste. At the same time, we are also developing high value solutions with our in-house team of R & D to be able to adapt them to our projects in the near future.

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Ecosoluciones Vertedero Cero has designed a process for the treatment of urban solid waste that allows for an ecological and socially supportive future based on the circular economy.

The waste of today, the raw material of tomorrow.

The project for the integral complex of waste treatment consists of 4 zones: reception and classification, biomethanization and stabilization, an installation of production of eco-fuel and another one of pyrolysis of generation of electric and thermal energy.

Play our video to see the project in more detail.



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